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If 120+ recipes in The Forever Dog Life weren’t enough, how about 400+ more, for less than two bucks (with part of your purchase supporting Paws For Change.)

Publishers must keep book page counts to a reasonable number or books become too heavy and expensive to print, despite the pet world never having too many recipe variations, and always hungry for more.

To remedy this dilemma we could print volumes of additional recipe books, or make things simple (and far more economical) by putting hundreds of additional Forever Dog Life recipe inspirations and variations online, right here.

We contracted with our expert pet food formulators and veterinarians to provide over 400 additional variations of recipes in The Forever Dog Life, including:

  • 100 additional recipes for puppies
  • 90 additional recipes for adult dogs
  • 95 additional recipes for less active dogs
  • 104 additional recipes for cats 
  • 23 additional recipes for kittens


All 400+ of these additional recipe variations are available for $1.99 (yes, significantly cheaper than buying another cookbook) because we only had to pay our veterinary formulators to create these delicious extra recipes, but not pay to print them. 

All additional online Forever Dog Life recipe variations are intended to be used in conjunction with the preparation and feeding instructions found in the Forever Dog Life book. 

Happy meal making! 

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The recipes found here require The Forever Dog Life book for preparation and feeding instructions, if you haven’t purchased the book you won’t have access to the information you need to make these recipes work.

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