Accelerate Your Pet Towards a Healthier, Longer Life!

Finally, a book that combines simple, affordable, scientifically backed tips with 120+ delicious recipes to enhance your pet’s longevity!

Accelerate Your Pet Towards a Healthier, Longer Life!

Finally, a book that combines simple, affordable, scientifically backed tips with 120+ delicious recipes to enhance your pet’s longevity!

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What Makes This Pet Care Book a Must-Read?

Our L.I.F.E. Method isn’t just a strategy—it’s the backbone of every health decision we make for our pets, and we hope it will guide yours too.

This clear, practical approach has transformed advice into a proven pathway for enhancing your pet’s health and longevity. It’s designed to be straightforward and effective, ensuring your fur babies enjoy a thriving, vibrant life.

Discover What You’ll Learn in Our Complete Guide to Caring for Your Furry Family Members


Better Bowls

Our guide features over 120 nutrient-rich recipes for tasty food bowls, fresh toppers, broths, and stews that appeal to finicky eaters, plus DIY treats and chews. It also includes scientific advice on the best ingredients, kitchen hacks, and tools.


Healthier Homes

The second part of the book offers instructions for non-toxic DIY cleaners, natural disinfectants, and lawn care solutions, along with recipes for all-natural pet shampoos, conditioners, skin rinses, and flea treatments.

Cutting Through the Clutter: A Clear Guide to Pet Nutrition

If you’re overwhelmed by the conflicting advice from countless health gurus and official guidelines about pet nutrition, look no further than this book.

In this beautifully illustrated guide, the authors of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Forever Dog offer a clear, inclusive strategy for enhancing your pet’s health and longevity.

It provides a straightforward approach to nurturing your pet with vibrant, life-extending nutrition, cutting through the noise to deliver easy-to-follow, scientifically-backed guidance for its diet.

About the Authors

Rodney Habib

Rodney Habib is a prominent public speaker, filmmaker, and founder of Planet Paws, Facebook’s largest pet health page. He created the Paws for Change Foundation to promote animal nutrition and lifestyle research. His TEDx talk is the most watched on pet health, and his documentary, “The Dog Cancer Series,” addresses canine health issues. His contributions have earned him recognition as one of Canada’s most influential voices.

Dr. Karen Becker

Veterinarian Karen Shaw Becker, known for her practical pet health approach, is the most followed vet on social media. She has served as a small animal clinician and emphasizes intentional care and species-appropriate nutrition. In 2023, she received the prestigious Stange Award from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine for her significant contributions to the field.

Homer (Homie)

Homer is a rescue dog who enjoys the good life and inspires us to do better.



What is the difference between the first book and the new book?2024-04-24T20:46:39-04:00

The first book gives you the “why” with everything the latest researchers and scientists know about extending the healthspan and lifespan of dogs. But we needed to give you the “how” and that’s what is inside this new book, Forever Dog Life. You asked for a full-color, step-by-step guide to help bring all the key Forever Dog longevity principles to life, and that is what we did With over 120 beautiful, easy and effective recipes for better bowls and healthier homes, this is the next step to radically improve the health of your your dog or cat’s nutrition and immediate living environment. We are excited to share DIY gems, recipes, hundreds of photographs, and of course more health and longevity research inside.

I have an older dog, do you have recipe variations for various life stages?2024-04-24T01:36:11-04:00

Yes! We couldn’t put all 400+ variations inside the book (without it costing a lot more!) so we’re hosting them on our website for anyone who has ordered a copy. The entire bonus recipe library for different life stages, activity levels, species and more will only be $1.99.

Will Rodney and Dr. Becker come to my city?2024-04-24T20:48:29-04:00

For any live event inquiries, please fill out the request form at the bottom of this page.

Why is the book so expensive, can’t you lower the price?2024-04-24T01:35:29-04:00

We aim to make things as affordable as possible, and our publisher along with retail outlets sets the price of the book. Please keep in mind that Forever Dog Life is a beautiful full-color book with over 275 pages that are packed with recipes, science-righ tips and practical instructions—it’s the ultimate handbook to help your dogs and cats live their best life!

Are there recipes for specific medical conditions?2024-04-24T01:35:04-04:00

No. There are foods and recipes inside that are beneficial for certain conditions, but this is not a ‘sick dog’ cookbook.

What about cats?2024-04-24T01:34:38-04:00

We’ve got you covered! The book includes options for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

Has the release date changed?2024-04-24T01:34:07-04:00

The book was originally slated to launch in the United States in May but has been slightly delayed. If you pre-ordered, don’t worry, the book will be published on June 4th.

Will the book be translated in other languages?2024-04-24T20:47:43-04:00

Yes, but when and where is up to international publishing houses. If you want to see the book translated in your country, please reach out to a local publisher. Our first book, The Forever Dog, was printed in so many languages because fans like you reached out to publishers and showed that there was a huge demand for it!

Can I buy the book internationally?2024-04-24T01:33:36-04:00

Yes! This varies by country. Please check with your local bookstores.

Where can I buy the book? 2024-04-24T01:33:01-04:00

Pre-order now at your favorite retailer here.

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